Item-Customer group


Can anyone explain me the use of “Item-Customer group” in Customer master.


imran ul haq

It is used where the external descriptions for items can be applied to a group of customers rather than repeating the same one for each customer in the group.

thank you very much for ur valuable answer

but i didnt get it much can u explain me little bit more,actually i am new in this domain and in AX.plz…


I would suggest you do not mark this post as complete if you do not understand the response. I will mark your own posting as not the answer.

You need to look at the setup for external customer descriptions on the item record. See how this works and then overlay it with the customer-item group. Reading the T&L manuals may help as well.

ok do u have any manual relating to this or other manuall on diff module of AX, plz can u fwd it to me at my id

You need to get these from either customer or partnersource depending upon whether you are a customer or partner

ok thanks