Item Cross Referenc


Using Dynamics 2009 R2

I’m trying to create an Item Cross Reference that is not specific to a particular Vedor / Customer / Barcode.

For example we have item ABCD set up in on an item card. We want to set up Cross Reference number 1234 for item ABCD. However, since the Cross Reference item number 1234 is printed in our catalog, any customer could call in and give us 1234. I am not sure how to get this to work as it errors out in the sales order.

As always, Thanks in Advance.


Hi ,

You can create a cross reference without customer ref no.

However it will translate to the proper item number eventually.

You need to make sure that you type 1234 into cross reference no. on the sales order lines …



Thanks for the response. I was typing it into the Item No field in the sales order. Once I added the column Cross Reference No and entered it into there it worked as planned.

I appreciate your help.