Item Coverage not changing Master Planning Output

I have items that are identified as a BOM in inventory but I want them purchased. On the Inventory Screen in Setup > Item Coverage > General Tab I have selected “Change planned order type” and changed the Planned order type to “Purchase order”. When I run Master Planning, I do not get Planned purchase orders for these items. If I go to Inquiries > Coverage > Action Details and lookup the item it shows Advance with -3 days.

I had setup my test system to use this functionality and it worked but my production system does not. I compared the Coverage Group setup and they are the same. I’m missing something obvious but I don’t know what it is. Does anyone have any idea where I should start looking?

Thanks, Jerry

You do not get planned purchase orders, but you get planned production orders instead? The requirements in the future for the item are still the same type?

Maybe you have those planned productions orders “Approved” and master planning doesn’t regenerate them… or they are inside the frozen period and planning is not modifying them…

I think you are in AX 2009, I don’t know if it is possible for you but you can change the item type of the item from BOM to Item (Functions\Change item type) in order to get planned purchase orders

Yes, I’m on AX 2009. On my test system I was able to do it by changing the “Change planned order type” to “Purchase order” under Item Coverage. When I reran Master Planning after the change it generated a planned purchase order 3 levels down for the BOM Item. For some reason I’m not getting the same behavior in my production system, that is why I assumed that I have something else set wrong.

Verify that the site and warehouse combination in the item coverage setting is the same as the production order being created, otherwise will make for production as your purchase is setup elsewhere. In addition ensure the BOM line type is not set to “production” this makes it a referenced production order and the BOM overrides the coverage setting, it must be independent and set to item (I believe).

On the References tab of the Item details record, try checking the Stop Explosion checkbox.

Hi Héctor,

I found out how to resolve the issue. I can leave the Item Type as BOM but the BOM Line Type for the item must be set to Item. Then in Item Coverage I had to go to “Change planned order type” and changed the Planned order type to “Purchase order”. When the “Change planned order type” is Purchase Order I get a purchase order generated in Master Planning, when the “Change planned order type” is set to Production I get a production order. This is the behaviour I was looking for.

Your answer helped me figure out what was going on and now I have a solution that works so thanks for your help.