Item cost prices

Hi All ,

Client uses the standard cost for all Finished items and quarterly cost prices to be changed.

Assume that client planned to change the cost prices from 01/09/2016 onwards. Already prices are activated till 31/08/2016.

Assume that todays date is 19/08/2016 , client decided to implement the new prices in the sytem , but it should effect from 01/09/2016 , To implement the new prices we need to run the calculation function in the costing version from .

The question is that on which date i need to run calculation function in the costing version ?

What is the calculation date that i need to enter ?(Costing version - Calucation - Caluclation date .)

Thanks in advance.

For reference, I see this is already being discussed on another forum.

It activates it from the point of posting from memory, the date is irrelevant. So test this by setting a price from 01/01/2017 and posting it today - it takes todays date.

As part of data maintenance, you enter pending costs for a purchased item, calculate pending costs for a manufactured item, and activate pending cost records. When a pending cost record is activated, the status of the record is changed from pending to active, and the effective date is changed to the activation date.…/hh803026.aspx