Item Cost on Item Card it's not chaning

I was seraching on this forum and on others about the item cost, but there is no answare or i couldn’t found it

I have some items who have strange cost on item card, it’s imposible to find how comes.

When the sales are done and i run the ACIE job, this job improve the posted cost and it’s ok, but i need some how to be the right cost also on ne Item Card.


costing methode=FIFO

NAV 2009 sp1

SQL 2008

In item card there is feild called Unit Cost ,here if you drill down this feild you able to know how the costing for that particular item is running, this will give you idea how system is calculting the Unitcost.



yes it’s, for me it’s more important to find why the item cost on item card it’s not the same with item cost on posted on g/l after i run the ACIE.

when u gone through the costing card here u will find that the last unit cost of the item is Total Cost divided by No of inventory.

Like This

Unit cost 10.00

Total cost in costing card will be 100

and the Inventory is 10, so unit cost is 100/10.

Is Anybody passed any manual entry in control Account ?

For Analysis You can go to Financial Management–> Inventory–> Analysis & Reporting → Inventory-G/L reconciliations.

Here you will come to know what is the difference for given item.

As well as Have you run Post Inventory cost to G/L batch job ??