Item Cost not appearing while trying to create a Movement journal


I am trying to issue few quantity of an item. The item follows FIFO costing.

while trying through movement journal, we expect system to automatically pick the cost and display it on the lines. unfortunately the cost is not getting displayed over there. As we know, System won’t allow to input cost manually, becuase it is an issue type of transaction.

Any idea?


What is the base cost price for the item on teh item record?

What is the costing method?

If you use the costing version do you have a cost defined at the dimension level of those defined on the movement journal?

System believes it is zero so populates with zero, unless of course you have modified the journal area.


On the item record, i can see the cost price as 1.2.

The costing method is FIFO

No, we don’t use the costing version


Then it will be 1.2.

How do you financially cost according to the dimension group? If you look at the on hand for the same dimensions in your movement journal what is the returned cost.

You have to have a costing version - it is just that it will be empty - but check!