Item cost in orginal currency instead of LCY

Is there a way to keep trace of the item in the original currency. Eg I purchase Item A in Euro 100 and my LCY is in USD Ex Rate: 1.20 and Add reporting currency in SGD Ex rate = 0.58 The system will store both the LCY & ACY in the value entires table. If there a way to capture the euro currency (Original source currency) also. Regards & Tks ! Serene[8D]

Hi Serene, I do not think you can do that without the code modification or without the developers help. Do we have any standerd Navision reports for this? Surely you can capture this information, by creating new fields in the value entry table, and modifying the codeunit 22 “Item Jnl.-Post Line” to populate those new fields. Naveen Jain

Thank U. Naveen Jain. Will do the modification per your advice.

Hi Serene, The original currency will always be stored in the Posted Invoices table. or in the Posted receipts. you can use this field to extract the Information by establishing a link between the 2. Keeping track of source currency in the value entry will always have a problem as the exchange rates can keep changing. You will then need to also store the Exchange rate. If your Inventory valuation is in LCY and ACY is also there why would you want to have the source currency. If this requirement is for the Purchasing history then I would use the Posted Invoices or Receipts to make the report. I would not suggest to do a valuation of item in any thing other than the Local Currency.

Hi Prashanth The reason why i need to had 3 currencies is actually a request from my customer. My customer will like to had a detail inventory report from those inventory that is open. As they will like to keep trace of their purchase price in the source currencies i.e. Euro since LCY & ACY will change due to currency re-valuation. Eg. Lot 1 Item A Qty 100 Unit Price Euro 100 LCY 120 and ACY 206.90 Lot 2 Item A Qry 50 Unit Price Euro 90 LCY 108 and ACY 186.20 I know that the posted invoice will capture the Euro currency & rate but what if they is only receipt and no invoice ? Regards Serene