Item Cost Break Down

Hi all,

We are using NAV 2009 Clasisc Client. Is there anyway to break down the item cost, and see which Posted Purchase Invoice have assigned cost to it?

For ex. Item A. PPI100 posted the item with cost of $10. PPI101 posted additional cost of $5. PPI102 posted additional cost of $10. Rightnow in itemcard, by clicking into Unit Cost field, its’ only showing a total cost. Is there any other way of seeing which cost was assigned to arrive at that total cost?

Thank you in advance !


The costs of an item are stored in the Value Entry table. The Item Ledger Entry table sums those costs for the total cost.

To view the item ledger entries you can go to an item card and drill down into the quantity on hand.

thanks ! that did it, by going to item ledger, then click on Entry > Value Entries, it shows very clearly what costs are associated with that transaction.

Another question, on one of our items. The unit cost field in item card, is not showing the correct unit cost, it’s alot lower than what the value entry table would sum up to be. There is only one Purchase Receipt transaction for this item. I’m at a loss as to why the unit cost field is not calculating correctly.

Does anyone know the calculation logic behind the Unit Cost field?