item cost adjustment


I buy and item from oversea using PO and I post the PO invoice let say the item cost is EUR100. After few weeks later, the 3rd party forwarder bill me for the frieght charges let say EUR20.

The original material PO had invoiced and closed for EUR100. I did not setup any misc charges for this item in the PO.

In std Ax, is there any place for me to enter the EUR20 and absorb it into the item cost?

Kindly advice. Thanks.

I think you can do it by Misc Charges Adjustments.

Go to PO inquiries and invoice → select the invoice - then Misc Charges and adjustment.

select the Misc Charge Code and amount and OK.(You need to create a misc charge code in such a way it can be added to item cost Eg : Debit Type - Item, Credit Type-> Ledger Account for Misc Charge Code).

Hope you understood…

Hi Kranthi,

Besides Misc charges adjustment at the PO, can i adjust the item cost via Inventory management > Periodic> Closing and adjustment> Adjustment> Transaction?? How AX work in this screen? And what should be the double entry.

Kindly advice.


You can select for which transaction your going to make an adjustment.

If you use adjustment and post the transaction the entry would be

if you increasing the value of the transaction - It Debits the Inventory Account and Credits the Inventory Profit Account(and it will be added to the Item Cost)

Then again you need to nullify profit occurred by passing a journal entry.(need to pass an entry from Inventory Profit to Misc Charges Account)


You can, there are two types of manual adjustemens transaction and on hand, Transaction adjustment can be possible before closing inventory, here purchase a/c and inventory profit and loss account will effect, you can check the entry after posting in the closng and adjustment form


i tested that the transaction adjsutment can also be done after the inventory closing.