item copy card

Hi, is there a function to copy item datas (as you do with orders, invoices…)? Some of my items are very similar among them: the difference is only a number in description…and I’d like to copy their card. Thanks Alberto

Hi, I usually use the Edit–> Select All on the item card i want to copy from and then Press F3 to insert and ctrl+v to paste, the system says item alreay exists. Then just rename the “No.” field, now u have ur new item card. Note : 1) The Item Unit of Measure is not updated, ex. lookup in Base Unit of Measure and reselect. cheers, Hem

But I can’t use SELECT ALL on the ITEM CARD. Is a License problem? thanks

Hi, I believe that Navision, as standard, does not allow you to use “Select All” in certain views because it bypasses the on validation checks, which can be dangerous.

You can’t use SELECT ALL but you can use SELECT. Hope that helps, Jesús Soage

Jesús’ solution will do, but take Edwards note into consideration: e.g. “Base Unit of Measure” will cause problems.

Anfinnur Hovgaard one question. How can I fix the issue with the unit of measure programatically? Can I do it something ?

Here’s a tip for programming your own copy function: Take a look at the code behind the OnDelete trigger on the Item Table. You just need to fo the inserts of new records related to your new item! It will give you a comprehensive list of the other tables you need to think about in addition to unit of measure, i.e. comments, (production) bill of materials, etc. -john