Item Charges in Subcotract

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Please explain how to do subcontracting for an item in which sending and receiving item is same and we don’t want to increase the Inventory after Subcontracting? Somebody told, we can use Item Charges instead of Item. But in the Work Order, How can i select Item Charge as Its Source Item?

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The subcontracting element is a service rather than an item. I would suggest you read the manual in this area and then try to model it and ask your questions from there. You cannot select an item charge in a works order, it makes no sense once you see the process in flow.

Where is the Subcontracting Manual? I want to know more about Subcontracting process .

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It is within the Production Manuals

Anybody please send me the ‘Subcontracting’ manual [:(]


As I said it is within the Production Manual, you can get this from partnersource or customersource.