Item Charges against subcontracting Purchase Orders

Hi everyone,
An end user wishes to use subcontracting and this has been setup. However, there is now a situation whereby additional invoices need to be raised against the original subcontracting job - typically, these are for freight charges and are from a third party haulage company.

Standard v4.03 code appears to prevent application of Purchase Order Charge Items against a subcontracted Purchase Receipt. There is code within codeunit 5805 ensuring that the Work Centre No. is Blank. Further code users the Quantity (Base) field of the Purchase Receipt, which always appears to be 0 (zero) when posting a subcontracting PO. Getting round these two points is not difficult, but it does mean changing the way that the Item Charge assignment and posting works.

This request seems to be reasonable from a user point of view, but do any of you have any suggestions about how we can resolve this issue with no bespoke, or minmal if necessary.


In Nav the subcontracting PO purchases the service being performed, not the item. Item charges are only made for uplifting item costs. Whilst it could be considered reasonable in many circumstances the construction of the solution in this area does not allow the application of an “item” charge to a subcontracted purchase order.

I would apply the item charge to the finished goods item to uplift the cost as it is an element of this product and will enable the COGS to flow through without any code changes and the implications this has. If possible this would be against the sales shipment, if not it would be part of a revaluation with the freight going to the GL depends upon the frequency and volume really, not to mention the costing method.