Item Charge (GRN)

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I need to write a report on the basis of following condition

Need to extract GRN those not used for any item charge .

From which tables I can extract the details .

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You will need to analyze the Item Ledger Entry table to find the GRNs and then check the value entries for each item ledger entry if item charges apply or not.


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Can you just elaborate on this how to go ahead



Hi Amol,

I’m sorry that I (mostly all of us) do not have enough time to give a complete training in how to create a report.
We are always ready to give specific hints for specific questions - but do not expect us to do the work you are getting paid for.
I do not really like the “RTFM” thing but I would really suggest that you attend a training in NAV development or read the manuals (ADG) coming with NAV in the DOC folder on the CD.

For this specific problem you have:

You need to create a new report with the “Item Ledger Entry” as DataItem and set a filter to Document Type “Shipment” and Entry Type “Sale”.
In the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of the dataitem you will have to filter for the records you assume to be there (Item Charge entries). If they are not there (filter empty) you need to print the current record, otherwise you call CurrReport.SKIP to continue with the next.