Item Charge based on weight

Hi, I would like check up if anybody has done an implementation of a Chemical Trading company. Please help me if there is a solution without writing codes. when the is a landing cost for Goods receipt note we use item charges to allocate cost to the Total Goods received. Now In Navision attain the cost is apportioned based on Amount. Can we have a feature where it can be apportioned on basis of weight or volume. Is there any provision to put in the weight of the Item. or the standard packing size on the basis of which the cost is apportioned. If any body has done some work on this Please let me know

If there isn’t a setup, It would only be a 5 min change I guess. I sadly have to admit, that I my self haven’t had the opportunity to check out attain yet. //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-

I have done a lot of work with weights in 2.6 for another trading company (not chemical) where a lot of their business is based around weights for costing/shipping etc. We added totals fields everywhere, new calculation methods based on a cost/weight. There are issues regarding rounding with the Item Unit of Measure table with certain items (ie, one physical unit might weigh a different amount compared to another physical unit of the same Item No.). You have to be very careful when choosing base units of measure and conversion factors and dealing with remaining quantities on lines etc. I have also written a Unit of Measure conversion routine that converts an item into a new item, moving all sales lines, purchase lines and reservations etc to the new item, converting all units of measure to the new one. Not sure about V3 but I think IUOM table is the same. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Hi, YOu can use the quantity field in the Sales line or purchase line to achieve this. In the quantity in the sales line or purchase line against the Item charge enter the total weight on the order. During the allocation of cost of charges to each of the sales line use the portion of the weight of individual items to split the total Item charge. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth

Thanks, That mean I still have to change the apportion rule of item charge from 1. Equally 2. Amount. To have one more suggest Item charge assignemt to ie 3. By QTY and Can you tell if I have to change that is object designer. then do I have to change in Item charge assignment( purchase) where and what is the logic.

Hi Bangli, You dont need to change anything. Just apportion the qtys. For example: you can have 2 items A and B with a total weight of 100 KG. A weighs 30 KG and B weighs 70 KG, if you want to apportion an item charge of 10$ then you select the item charge line wiht a Qty of 100 and then in the Charge assignment enter 70 and 30 in the respective Lines of B and A. Then assign by amount. This should help you. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth

Thanks Prashant, It can be worked out the way you said but there is no place where I can apportion by Qty. it is either by value or equally. Rgds