Item charge assignment versus Transfer Order

Hi, It seems to be that in Navision 3.70 the Item charges for Transfer Orders doesn’t work. If you create a Purchase Invoice and enter a line for Item charges and then go to the line button for the Item charge Assignment, there is an option to get Transfer Receipt Lines and then Suggest Item Charge Assignment. On Suggest Item Charge Assignment there are 2 options: Equally and Amount. Equally works but Amount does not work. Anyone any ideas? Thanks, Roelof de Jong. PS: I created the whole process in order to have my Transfer Receipt lines, that’s not the issue.

That’s because when you do transfer orders, there’s no buying and selling that occurs. The amount in there is not the inventory amount of the transfer.

But it’s confusing if you can choos for ‘Amount’ and it doesn’t work. It would be really nice if it would work because of bringing up Item charges to related Transfer Receipt Lines.