Item Charge Assignment by Amount population


I have this scenario (without warehousing and VAT):-

  1. Create a PO with 2 items, A and B. Unit cost for Item A is 10.00 and Item B is 15.00. Quantity for Item A is 10 units and Item B is 10 units.

  2. Still in PO, assumed receive full quantity and post receipt only.

  3. When received vendor invoice, there is changes to the unit cost for Item A . Instead of 10.00, the new cost is 12.00.

  4. Next, I create an invoice and use the Get Receipt Lines to select the above posted receipt lines. I post the invoice with new cost (Item A = 12.00 and Item B = 15.00).

  5. Upon receiving the transporter invoice (different vendor), the user create an invoice for item charges (transport) with Direct Unit Cost Excl. SST = 150.00. In the Item Charge Assginment window, I select Get Receipt Lines and select the correct receipt lines.

  6. Next, in the Suggest Item Charge Assignment, I selected Amount . When the system populates the amount, its uses the Item Charge Base Amount. In this case for Item A, the amount is 100.00 (total cost for Item A upon receipt).

My question is how to get the system to populates the item charge amount based on the new cost posted in the invoice instead of the cost posted in the receipt? (Other from manual calculation)

If customization requires, where to make the changes? When posting the purchaser invoice or when populating the Item Charge?

Please advice.

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day.

Although you have not said what you mean by “Unit Cost”, I am going to guess that you mean the field “Unit COst” on the Item Card.

If so this field has no actuall connection to true unit cost, its just a number to give you an idea of what is going on. What matters is the value posted to the GL, and once you have run all adjustments and posting routines that should be correct.

Actually, I think she means the Unit Cost on the receipt/invoice line. What she would need is the change of cost on the invoice line to be reflectet on the receipt line, so that the Item charges will be calculated on the basis of the actual invoiced cost.

Though this field also has no real connection to the final “accounting” cost of the item. Those fields are so confussing, it would be better if they were just removed.

Thank you for your reply.

It is the unit cost in the invoice line. I have entered the new cost in the invoice and post it. When I create an invoice for item charges, if I used Get Receipt Line and Suggest Item Charge Assignment - Amount, the system uses the Item Charges Based Amount in the posted receipt line to perform the apportionment.

If you have posted receipt before the changing the unit cost ( in receipt/invoice line), you will not be able to update this field again.

Thanks again for all your help.

As I said above, the field is irrelevant and not used anywhere (or at least shouldn’t be used anywhere). So you need to go to the correct table to find the updated unit cost.

Why do you want this cost ont he invoice line (I assume you mean Posted Invoice Line). Is this a reporting requirement or is it just to see on the screen.

Maybe she means the Direct Unit Cost, which in Purchase Line and children is actually the invoicing price? [:-*]