Item Charge assignment and item costing

Hi all, We all know that every item charge that we assign will be added to the item’s cogs. Usually I create purchase invoice with charge(item) and assign it to purchase receipt. Although we assign the charges after the item was sold, item’s cogs is still increased as much as amount of the charges. For example. we have 2 pcs of laptop from purchase receipt PR-A1 created on january. I sold 2 laptops with Posted Invoice A2 in March. On April I assign item charge to PR-A1, then automatically NAV added lines in G/L Entry and value entry for Posted Invoice A2. I couldn’t find out how NAV could figure Posted Invoice A2 is using Item from PR-A1 and assign the charges. Is there any relation between purchase receipt and sales invoice? or is there any process that could make purchase receipt and posted sales invoice related? Thanks, yosa

The purchase produces an Item Ledger Entry.

When selling the Sales Item Ledger Entry is applied to the (in this scenario) Purchase, according to Costing Method or a direct application.

Item Legder Applications are stored in table 339. Which btw never must be changed!

Changing the Purchase’s cost will affect the sale via the application.

Pretty much it… [:)]

Anfinnur, thanks for replying. I know NAV must be save all those information in some table but I just couldn’t find out. Really appreciate it sir. sorry I took so long to reply your answer, been busy in couple week with my baseball stuff :slight_smile: Thanks, Yosa