item card

hello, i have a requirement that in the item main description feild i need to enter 50 characters. it seems now i can only enter 30. is there a fix for this???

Hi Dan As standard there is a description 2 field that can be brought forward - this is a further 30 characters. Although you will have to manually bring it forward on all reports, forms etc.

Use Steven’s approach. It is not recommended to increase the description’s field size.

…although this increase is possible and can be done. But very carefuly and should be thoroughly tested, because you should increase the length of quite a lot of fields and variables in other tables and codeunits, as well.

Hi, The pros and cons of this has been discussed on a similar string recently relating to Customer/Vendor Names and addresses: I would also second Steven’s approach. Extending the fields is not worth the heartache.

I would second it as well, though there are certain industries, where a Descriptive name of the product being manufactured or sold is a must /usualy chemical related/. And in this cases using “Decription 2” field will not provide neither needed length nor the needed functionality. It’s all matter of assessment of the client needs at the end.

I need you opinion: I try to open table 2000000041-Field run replace for lenght of followed field: Name,Name2,Contact,Description,Description2,Search Description from 30 to 50, after many tests everytingh run OK. What do you tink?

I forget: bill-to-name,ship-to-name,sell-to-name and …name2…

When the field is copied into a variable in code and that variable has a length of 30, which is does, you’ll get an error. You need to use the developers toolkit.