Item Card Roles


Its my first post on this forum. So if I’m in the wrong place I apologize.

Here’s my question…

Is it possible to grant access to edit only certain parts of the item card in RTC? For example, is it possible to have a user only able to view the item card, but still be able to make changes to the “Setup” dropdown at the bottom? It appears the entire item card is on one table data, so is there a way to seperate different “sections” of the item card.

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You can create separate page for the Item card and display those fields which required for the user …

You may want to have a look at Field Security level :

The good folks at do have some very robust tool for achieving this easily :

Yes you can use field level security or also you may write your own custom code if this feature is required only for item card…

use a user setup table for item fileds and then flag the fields for which use have access to and then in the item card… you can have those flags tagged to the editable property for the fields based on the setup.

This works fine… i suppose this is the only option merge tool is also doing… but mroe systematic programming ofcourse :slight_smile:

If you want an example please let me know