Item Card -Dimension

Dear all,

I have a doubt regarding the Dimensions in Item Card.I want to know is this a pop up field or we need to manually enter data into it? Anyone please answer…!

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Hi Rose,

what do you mean by “pop up”? That it has a small arrow on the right side by using which you can jump into another table and pick you dimension code? Then the answer would be yes - the “pop up” would be called a LookUp in NAV-Language :-).



Hi Jan,

Actually i was talking about the automatic population of value in to the Dimension field…I want To Know From whereThis Value is Filled…!!

Is This Manually or Automatically ?

Hi Redrose,

afaik in a NAV-Standard-DB there is no possibillity to automatically assign dimension values. The (global) dimension(s) (which are then shown on many forms) itself is/are defined in the g/l setup.

Regards Jan

You set the dimension on the card from a lookup, it then defaults on all transactions. No point in it auto-assigning from a lookup, it would remove the ability of correctly assigning the value to the record.

Thank you all.

Actually many of my Production Orders are populated with Dimension Value. So i thought this dimension value will be populated from Item Card.

But the interesting thing is that I didn’t entered the Dimension value for any of these Items . So i want to know how this Dimension value get populated in Item Card,Production Order?

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Well if it is not the item then it is the work centre bringin dimensions into production. Depends where you are looking for them, but there are not that many inputs to check really.