Item Card - Cost is Posted to G/L remains unchecked

After running Post Inventory Cost to G/L for a particular item, I assumed that the “Cost is Posted to G/L” flag in the item card will be checked.

Here’s what happened with item AA

  1. AA has “Cost is Adjusted” unchecked, but the “Cost is Posted to G/L” is checked. I assumed that the I need to run ACIE so the unit cost will be adjusted.

  2. I run ACIE for item AA, but I unchecked the “Post to G/L”. The reason is I don’t want it to affect my GL entries for now. I wanted to see the values that will be posted in my GL before hand. My intention is to run the Post Inventory Cost to G/L later. I just wanted to see before hand how much will be posted in the GL.

  3. After running step 2, the “Cost is Adjusted” was checked (meaning the Average Cost was computed and value entries was posted for correction).

However, the “Cost is Posted to G/L” in the item card became unchecked. I assumed that this is so because there were value entries created by ACIE but needs to be posted in the G/L.

  1. I then ran Post Inventory Cost to G/L. However, the “Cost is Posted to G/L” remains unchecked.

I tried Post Inventory Cost to G/L more than twice and the “Cost is Posted to G/L” still remains unchecked.

Any idea why? Or how to check? Or am i assuming wrongly.

Nav 2009 SP1

Thanks in advance

Hi gensan,

I think you are doing right activities but I want to confirm few things :

  1. Are you sure, ACIE made adjustment entries in Value entry. Check this.

  2. If yes, while running the Post Invt cost to GL, the Post check-mark was checked or not. If not, then GL entries must not be created.

Also, if adjustment entries were posted for this item, check table 5811(Post Value Entry to G/L), this contains the data which is posted to value entry but pending to post in GL. If your item entries are present here, means you need to run Post Invt. cost to GL report again but Post check-box must be checked this time.

This should help.

Thank you very much Bheem. Below are my answer to your queries:

  1. Yes, ACIE generated adjustment entries in Value entries.

  2. Yes, the Post is checked when I ran the Post Inventory Cost to GL.

  3. I will restore from my backup, repeat the process of ACIE and will check on Table 5811.

I’m not sure if it has an effect, but during ACIE, my Posting Date is not the same as the valuation date. I wanted the posting date to be dated this month and not on the original posting date.

I will try again and post it here.


After I restored from backup and repeated what I did before, all went ok. The Post Invt cost to GL batch did it correctly this time. I’m not sure what happened, but I will create backups of companies every time I run this job, just in case something like it happens again.

Thanks for the help.

Might be you missed the Post check-box.

If solved then Enjoy…


Might be you missed the Post check-box.



Might be you missed the Post check-box.

I solved then Enjoy…


Sorry guys,

It sent by mistake so many times.