item by location


i need the data of all item by location.

how do i get it which table to look for.


what do u mean by Data .

the form what are goen through is Matrix form.

The Base tables are Item , Item Ledger entry .

it is filtering the data from Item ledger entry by using this filters

ItemLedgerEntry.SETRANGE(“Item No.”,“No.”);
ItemLedgerEntry.SETRANGE(“Location Code”,CurrForm.ItemAvailMatrix.MatrixRec.Code);

Hi Reema,

thanks for the quick reply.

To be specific i need the items quantity by location to export it to an excel for some analysis.

so i was wondering how do i go ahead with this.


you have to do customization do get what you need .

Go on to Item By Location form: 1 Ctrl A then 2 Ctrl C and open Excel and press 3 Ctrl V.

Or if u want all entries not just available

Do the same but activity but this time click on Item Card’s Quantity on hand. Press Shift Ctrl F7 then repeat from 1. Rest u can do on excel.

And even if these does not solve the purpose u can export the entries using Sales Analysis and for every location just create a new Sales Analysis, as unfortunately the outcome cannot be filtered using location but on analysis card itself u can mention this filter. Export all of them one by one and then can merge them easily. It will be easy copy paste.