Item Budgets in V4.0 GB

Has anyone come across a problem when using an Item Budget in the Inventory Analysis Report form. When the Item Budget data is entered in the Sales & Marketing menu, the Analysis Area field on the Item Budget Name table is set to Sales, however the Inventory Analysis Report form is run it seems to be filtering on the Item Budget Entries table using Analysis Area 2 ??

Moved from “Known Issues” forum as it is a question rather than a known issue.

Probably should have left it in Known Issues [:D] Table 7132 Item Budget Name has two options, Sales and Purchase, and the budget name referenced from the Inventory Analysis is “2”. You can add Inventory to the choices, but I do not believe a form exists for you to enter “Inventory” budgets, at least I cannot find it, just Sales Item Budgets and Purchase Item Budgets. So when you select the item budget filter from Inventory Analysis it is looking for an Inventory Item Budget, a form that seemingly exists and a budget you cannot create! Looks to me when they released it that it was half finished! Joy of Joy.