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Firstly i want to tell brief about our prosses,

we will use the raw mtl at first stage, then out of that we will get some waste product which is again can be fed like raw mtl to the machine. so how to account this through production order. please can you suggest.

Advance Thanking.


I don’t think this can be handled by standard AX. You can give us more information of your manufacturing spec., maybe we can contribute…

Hi all,

There’s a vertical for AX called Full Scope which is particular to process industries - food, petrochemicals etc, and I seem to remember that there was a functionality of some sort which was able to handle waste product as a retreatment in the production process.

Their terms used were ‘by-products’ & ‘co-products’.

If you want further information, drop me a mail & I’ll see what I can send you.



Dear Sir,

Our process is like this,

We produce a feed stock which is made by using six to seven powders, This feed stock is used for producing a product. The process is done on a injection molding machine. So we will get some runners also some defective parts which are regrounded. This regrounded feed stock is mixed with fresh feed stock in some ratio, by using some mix process. After mixing this Mix feed stock is again loaded into the machine for production.

This is in brief… So how to capture thi data to the system.

At present we are doing this process by using transfer journal, But I think this is not the correct way. Can I dothis through Production Orders.

Please get me the Way…

Thanks in Advance

Have you tried having the material which will be reground as a line in the BOM and then posting a negative amount, thus returning the material to inventory to be used again?


Ya sure the material will go to inventry. But i can not specify the exact batch number.

To achieve this with batches I believe the earlier post is correct, you will need the FullScope Process add on which will enable you to achieve this through co-products and by-products.