Item AVG cost price.


How can i get the items avg cost price.

I want to get the COST PRICE it is showing in OH HAND screen for an item.

That is AVG cost price. I want to get the same on my form.

Can any one guide me how can i do this.

Thanks in advance.

Hai Kami,

In Inventory Mgmt-perioic-tranfer orders-

if you make stock transfer

in the lines – based on the item selection-- cost price is populated which is as per WT_AvG

You can replicate the same-- i think if you go thru it…will gv some idea!!

Hi Kami,

You can use avg function in select query.

static void Job40(Args _args)


InventTableModule InventTableModule;


select avg(Price) from InventTableModule;

print InventTableModule.Price;




Have you looked at the ‘averagecostPriceUnit’ method under InventOnhandItem form > DS > InventSum? That should do the trick.

Also you may want to look at ‘financialIssueCostValue’ method in ‘InventMovement’ class for different scenarios for fetching cost prices.