Item availablity

Hi All,

I’m doing a tranfer order. I’m transferring 9 item from 1 location. I can see that there are 9 remaining qty for that location but when I tried to key-in the qty on transfer order line, the system said that I have insufficient qty.

When I check the item availability I have 3 items available.

I check the Ourstanding sales line with that item but found nothing.

I check the item ledger entries and filter by that location and found 9 remaining qty.

Can i check with you how the system trace the this available qty?


Are you using reservation on Sales order ? Check the reserved qty for the item on item card …

Hi lee,

Once check reservation Item.

Purchase-> Items->Item (Menu) ->Entries->Reservation Entries.

I found the cause of the problem, the item availabilty is filtered also by Drop Shipment. as I’ve checked for one entry, the Drop Shipment was ticked though it has still remaining qty w/c supposed to be not.

I just unticked that Drop Shipment field and now my Inventory on hand is okay.

Thanks also for the inputs. :slight_smile: