Item Availabilty

Hi , I need only to understand well this Matrix of Item availabilty . Item card-----> Item availabilty by period First where can I read more about these field: Gross Requiremnet Scheduled Receipt Planned Receipt Inventory Planned Releases In which training material in WMS or where??? Second I started to illustrate the Gross Requirement Any trying and drilling down to understand. then I found about Gross Requirement that are the Qty on sales order and I found about Scheduled receipt that are the Qty on purchase order. But I couldn’t find about Planned order receipt … What is it ? What it is calculated ? I will continue with the item availabilty with all the fields . Any thing more about item avaiiability by Period Matix will be great . Thank you

Hi Jouhayna Not sure any of the documentation explicity covers this screen, and therefore you will not get any reference manual telling you, although they have changed the training material so often in the past 5 years I could easily be wrong! Gross Requirement - The TOTAL quantity of demand, no matter what the source. So if it is the component of an item being made, it is sold directly and is on a sale order, or both! Scheduled Receipt - I believe this covers “Firm Planned” production orders and purchase orders. Planned order receipt - I believe this covers “Planned” production orders. Inventory - Your current stock (in your example across all locations) Planned releases - Agin this is planned production orders, they are planned orders, nothing firm but you may release them to firm. In other words you are in no way committed to release or receiving these - the requisition worksheet will not plan for them. The best thing to do is create an item that is a component of a parent, load production orders for the parent, then load production orders for the item itself, these production orders should be of every kind and differnet quantities for identification. Then load sales and purchase orders. Then look at your availability screen and pick out the pieces!

Hi Steven thank you for your help and your reply . It always help . Have a good day.