Item Availability and Variant Code - Adv. Distr.

From the Purchase Line, Sales Line and Item Card it is possible to check the Item Availability by Variant, Period, Bin, and Location. I’ve noticed what I hope is not a bug. If you view an Item by Variant, it is then possible to view it by any of the other options (Period, Bin, or Location). But when I view the Item by Period, the Variant Code of the current line (from the Item by Variant view) is not passed on to the filter on the View by Period form. I need to manually choose the Variant Filter. I’ve looked at this in the base Adv. Distr. 2.60 B CA with all the improvements applied. I expected the variant to be passed. Am I expecting too much? cheers,

The Item availability form filters all options and gives you a stock out warning, so you would not need the other filters applied as standard. you would only really be looking at the other forms if you had the stock out warning! It is what it says: By Variant filters by “Variant Code”. By Period filters by “Posting date”. By location filters by “location Code”. 1. Would you want it to pass both the Location and Variant to the period view? 2. Or would you want to see what other variants are at what other locations for what periods? All other filters have to be manually applies, unless you want to do a bit of codeing to set the other filters. I think you are expecting to much, because the other dimensions are not just one but three! David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: