Item Attributes in NAV 2017

One new feature introduced in NAV 2017 that is item attributes.

 Item attributes You can add attributes to your inventory items that make it really easy to find the right product that your customer wants. You can define your own attribute types, such as color, country of manufacture, size, or product dimensions, and add them to your items as a supplement to the built-in item attribute types and values. Then, when you add items to sales and purchase documents, or just organize your items, you can view and filter on the attribute values to limit the list of items to choose from or take action on.

Also you can create you own attributes and can block the existing attributes if they are not required.

This is the one of the good enhancement i have gone through it in NAV 2017.

Hi [mention:74b0514d59654795a3474c91ab05dd2c:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] ,
Just a suggestion -
If I am not wrong you cannot put anything publically as the product (NAV2017) is still NDA, and the contract that we signed before downloading the Beta have these terms and conditions.

Hi Saurav,
I will keep this in mind.

Hi Saurav,
Yes always remember if you are under NDA (non-disclosure agreement). In this case if you had just written “Dynamics 365 for Financials” then there would not be a problem…
The message from MS was that whatever was in the Project Madeira preview (what ever you could see, if you signed up for the preview), that was public and you could write about it.
But if you check the different NAV blogs the last, then it looks like whatever is in the new “Limited Beta” is public now.

Hi Naveengour,
Yes I love this new feature. Its need is basically driven from the fact that users cannot add new fields if they use Dynamics 365 for Financials (ex. project Madeira). With the item attributes function they can add these “fields” as attributes.
And since NAV 2017 uses the same “platform”, then this feature is now also in NAV!

The Item table is one of the tables where almost all my customers (who use items) have customization’s. Not sure it could completely remove the need to change the table, but the item attributes can surely be used in many cases.
And the customer can do it without even contacting me. So I guess I can soon retire!..

But why would you add country of manufacture? That’s already a standard field. [;)]

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your reply.

You mean to say country of manufacture field available in Item table as i have checked it i have not found. are you relating the “Country of manufacture” to “Country/Region of Origin Code”?

Yes. I guess in some “industries” you might need both Country/region of origin code AND Country of manufacture.

Yes,It may depend on the specific client requirement.