Item Arrival and Prod. Input

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As i am working on inventory module i came across Item Arrival Journal and Production Input Journal, so can anyone brief it whats the purpose of each journal and in what type of scenario can we use it…

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The item arrival section is part of the warehouse management solution:

“A company completed a purchase order asking to have an item sent to the warehouse. When the item arrives, it is entered into the arrival journal. Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 acknowledges the item as being at the warehouse’s inbound dock. A pallet transport moves the item into the warehouse’s buffer or picking location for further processing, for sale at some point. Then, registration of the item into the warehouse occurs. Registration tells the system that the item is now in the warehouse and is available for production or sale. Finally, a packing slip is created for the item.”

Have a read of the warehouse manual

So simply item arrival journal is related to bins, zones concept.

suppose if a company is not using bins, zones , then there is no use of the item arrival journal.

if u are using the warehouse management , then u will use the item journal .

please correct me if i am wrong.

You are correct, if you are using full WMS you will use item arrival and production input journals. If not you simply book the stock in etc.