Item Application Entries issue

We have been facing this issue with a client quite regularly. When we are Changing Status on Production Orders to Finished, the auto consumption routine kicks the error “Item not on inventory”, eventhough the component has enough quantity in inventory in that location and everything. We narrowed the issue to this situation. For example, if Item A is a component with Quantity on Hand of 2000, and has two Item Ledger Entries showing Remaining Quantity of 1000 and 1000. If the consumption for the Released Production Order needs 1500, then after applying the first Remaining Qty. of 1000, Navision is not pulling from the second Remaining Qty., but erroring out as shown above. Has anyone faced this issue? If we consume it manually, then it works fine. Any help is appreciated. TIA

Hi, Which version you are using?I guess you are using version 3.6. There is bug in version 3.6 and microsoft corrected in version 3.7. (they have dome modification in codeunit 21 and 22).