Italian Implementation

Ciao a tutti, Thinking of rolling out Axapta in our Italian offices. The fiscal requirements in Italy are very specific. has anyone got any experience or knowledge of Italian implementations?? Grazie

I’ll let you know when we finish ours! We’re still trying to figure out the Italian withholding (cash basis), but other than that, appears to be not too bad.

Withholding can be managed using Conditional VAT (French and Italian functionality).

What version are you rolling out Dan? We’ve done some modification work to deal with the Italian Riba payment system. Let me know if this is of interest and I can give you some more detail.

Adam, Thanks for your help. We are rolling out V3.0 in Italy. Can you send me more details on the RIBA payment mods you have done, could be of interest.

Elena, You mention conditional withholding but I’m afraid I’m lost as I don’t see this functionality – is this part of the localization (it hasn’t been released for version 3 yet, I believe)? Thanks in advance, Shirley

Hey, I think I found the conditional tax thing - that’s for the tip!! Shirley

Hello, FYI, we found that conditional tax didn’t work as this is a system-wide setting and they also have VAT (which is not treated as a conditional tax). We ended up with a great workaround using cash discounts and Microsoft is in the process of creating a ‘module’ that will allow the taxes to be set up the way we need. I believe it’s scheduled to be released soon.[:D] Thanks! Shirley

In Italy we are implementing self billing. Can this be done in standard Axapta??

We only did basic finance at our implementation so I’m not sure.