it possible to do navision course for MBA(finance) candidates...


i want to now that NAV course is batter for the MBA (finance) candidate

navision has a batter future for mba cadidates?

as i am fresher i want to now abt MS.navision.

Yes you can do the NAV course. As far as the Functional side is concern as you have finished MBA Finance, you will be able to understand the Business process easily. Persuing that you have a commerce back ground in degree level also. The other concern is that if you have little bit knowledge about the technical part, that will be very helpful you to understand the software as well. You can try to search a job as a trainee in any Implementation partners if you are very concerned to get in to NAV. Then it will be very helpful you to learn NAV.

Now it is called “MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV”. Formerly it was Navision. So always use NAV. [:)]

offtopic, of course - vipin, there are MANY pepole out there who have never accepted MS’s en-ay-vee (NAV) naming of good ol’ Navision [:)]

Try googling NAV and Navision - when will you get more hits?


  • NAV = Net Asset Value, first what you get when googling;
  • NAV = Ny Arbeids- og Velferdsforvaltning in Norwegian = Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration;
  • plus, a bazillion of NAVigatoinal links & products;

so, MS has selected a very misleading naming… but we must live with that…