issuing to jobs

Hi all! I know that I need to use Job journal if I want to issue stock on a project for a given task . But how to manage the issued stock when he could eventually come back to stock (return to stock) and must be credited accordingly. We must ensure that customers are not charged for parts not installed. Thanks

It really depends upon how you are invoicing, if you are using the job journal and you cannot invoice until the job is complete you can create th job journal, but obviously you cannot post it until usage is confirmed, if they cannot install it you could remove the line, or add an extra negatvie line. Jobs are not one of my strong points so you will have to play!

In my case, Interim invoices can be made before the completion of the project but the “big” invoice is produced when the project or job is completed. This implies that a final invoice is made when all the costs are known. So any other ideas???

Hi Well you actually contradict yourself, you say you must ensure customers are not charged for parts that are not used, but you do interim invoicing. If you have invoiced for something not used you will need to raise a credit memo to the customer, if you have not invoiced them remove them from the job journal as suggested.

Got it. Thanks