Issuing Items for Production

Hi…all… At the time of issuing items for production as per firm planned production or planned prod. order, from the store all the items are issued well as per production order but at the time of consumption from production dept… all the items will be messed…No link with particular production order…They consume the items of different order and in end the problem of items not available in inventory that can be used by other production order… we want all the issuing items should be attached to particular production order when store person issues items for production. Is there any possibility to make it without customization… Thank you… Sachin…

Hello, Item Tracking could be one solution.

Hi Sachin, Implementing Item tracking will help. But I dont really see any system that can satisfy your need. The issuing of goods being manual. Has to be an operational system. May be you should think of automating it with Bar Code or other automation process.