Issuing items for internal use

Dear Experts,

I have to issue trading goods for company’s internal use. Such issues should not create sales and receivables account, nor it should hit the VAT ledger. Simply it should deduct my inventory and expense it to proper account head.

From my research i came to know that i can use sales invoicing and post sales with zero price. But this will create zero VAT ledger and use same no series for posted invoices. For VAT compliance reasons i cannot use the same documents nos.

Is there any standard solutions for such situation or I need to customize.

Would appreciate your solutions.


What is exactly mean internal use?

Have u created any logical location within company ?

If yes then you can transfer from company main location to logical location .This will transfer material from one location to another location


Use Reclassifcation journal

Dear Amol,

By internal use i mean to say consumption by company itself.