Issues with upgrading from NAV 2009 to 2009 SP1

Dear All,

I am having problems after upgrading NAV 2009 to 2009 SP1. My client belongs to Middle East. they are currentlu using NAV 2009 and want to upgraded to 2009 SP1.

I have installed 2009 SP1 on Test server and created a new database, then restored the backup taken from 2009.

When I compile all the objects, I am getting errors in base reports and Pages. I have tried compiling with Client’s license as well as my developer license too, but issues are same.

one of the error in Page - “Accounts” is

“Action ‘’, which is under an action group inside an activity button, can only have a page type value of List for the RunObject property.”

Like this I have around 80 errors in different objects, which is highly time consuming and difficult to fix the errors manually.

Please guide me if I am missing any steps…

Thanks in advance…