Issues with Jobs - (Phase No to Task No Conversion) while Upgrading NAV from 3.70 to 5.1


We are in the process of upgrading NAV 3.70 to NAV 5.1 for our customer. Our customer is using the Jobs module extensively. Particulary everything is done based on Phase code. During upgradation there is no similarity between Phase and Task Line Numbering. After upgradation the same phase code across jobs having different Task No(s).

The step and task codes are almost blank for all the records. I did not input any values into the JOb Upgrade Setup Table.

Is the problem is accuring because of this or due to some other issue?

Please help me to proceed further

Thanks in advance


This is the way it is done in NAV.

During conversion every combination from the old Phase, Task and Step pr. Job results in a [new] “Job Task No.” which is used in NAV 5. And the Job Task No’s are numbers starting with 1100 (Job Task No 1000 is a Begin-Total).