Issues with Import and Export

Hi Everyone,

I want to import sql file data in excel file and perform some filtration in it and then after export this file in sql, txt file. So I want to know is there any option to perform such kind of actions or is there any third party tool which perform such kind of actions. Please help me and resolve my problem as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!

did you try odbc

Hi Ankit Singh,

Yes, Excel has an option through which you have import and export data file with different extension such as txt, sql, csv etc. To import data file in Excel, first of all open Microsoft Excel and go to Data tab and you will see an External Data option in toolbar through which you could import different file data and after performing some filtration click on ‘Save As’ and choose whatever format you want to save data.

There are lots of third party tool which perform such kind of task. I had used MindStick DataConverter which is one of them. It is a free charge tool so you can easily download it.

MindStick DataConverter Downloads Link:

I hope it might be useful for you.[;)]