Issues when generating PDF file from client


I am having a major issue with generating ax reports using PDF file format. If i connect using our terminal server and kick off a connection from there then everything works fine. If I connect using a client i am getting an infolog message saying the the PDFViewer class crashes in the writeBitmap method - line 64. The same happens if i select save to file or email and set file format to PDF.

I am running AX 2009 RU-5

Any ideas as I have run clean out of them.

Can’t see your code… but maybe this article can help… I’m also building PDFs and recently read through this below.

Thanks for the link, although I found the issue, my fault as i hadnt put the correct network path in for one of the kitemark bitmaps, so worked on terminal server as thats where thay are but not on a client [:$] but this lesson will make sure i dont do it again … I hope :wink: