Issues upgrading 2.60 to3.70

Hi… I want to know the major issues,which I must take care while upgrading Navision 2.60 to Navision 3.70. Please guide me in this matter… Thanks in advance, Vikas

The simplest way to upgrade is to restore a backup in to 3.70 on a new server (as a test environment). The biggest issue is licensing due to the new “Change Log” module. I hope this is of help :slight_smile: Yonis

Upgrading the executables it’s not really upgrading Navision 2.60 to Navision 3.70, as the database is still a 2.60 functionality one. The issues you can find while upgrading from 2.60 to 3.70 will vary depending on how customized the database is. The less customizations, of course the less problems. Another thing is the creation of the item ledgers, that can take a while on really big databases :slight_smile:

Great…do u know…our customer purchased new navision finance 3.70 and the cd is in corrupted form. thts b’coz its microsoft cd