ISSUES dealing with License Testing Toolkit

Hi, This is my first time using this toolkit for an Attain 3.10 database. I am wondering if anybody out there has been using it and encountering the following problem: after I created the database logins for the super user and the customer user, I got this error message: ‘You do not have permission to run the Deminsion forms. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permission changed.’ The strange thing is I was allowed to run all the deminsion tables in the object designer. So what is going on here??? [xx(] On the other hand, I don’t quite understand how to use this toolkit after reading all the instructions from the parnter’s site (Document # 16100). Can someone give me some help over this? Thanks in advance. [:D]

Yes Sylvie I did have this problem when I used newwer version of toolkit with my old license. I guess you need to have your development license reconfigured to include the latest toolkit. At least my problem got solved that way.

Hi, Amit. Thank you for the suggestions. I think I no longer get that error message for some reasons. But anyhow, I still don’t quite understand how to use the toolkit. What would be results from the test? I got some error messages saying that I don’t have permission for certain objects. Are those the results of the test? Thank you.