Issue with Reconsiliation of Inventory / Ledger Report in GL module...?

Hello All,

I am facing a problem with Reconsiliation of Inventory / Ledger Report

in General Ledger → Reports → Reconsiliation → Inventory.

Problem is when I am generating the report with “Sorting–> Group Totals(Enabled)” its show ing incorrect Totals,

where as if i generate by disable the group totals option in the Query dialog box → Sorting (Tab) then it is showing

correct totals, but I want to get the correct totals with “Group Totals”

Report Name in AOT is “InventLedgerConsiliation”

Thanks In Advance…[:D]

Hi Bobby,

can u give some more clarification for below points:

1.Group wise total means:- item group wise?

2.where you are enable or disable group totals? and if it possible send a screen shot



Hello Siddu,

Thanks for your reply,

After clicking on General Ledger → Reports → Reconsiliation → Inventory menu item, A dialog box will open in that click on “Select” button, then the query dialog box for that report will bre opened in that you can see “Sorting” tab goto that tab there add the sort field for Account then enable Group Totals.

So if I enable that Group Totals report is showing Incorrect totals, If I disable it showing correct totals, but I want to get correct totals with that group totals.

See below snapshots:-




I hope now you can understand…

Thanks in Advance…

Hey Siddu,

I have fixed the Issue, the problem is in Class : - “InventReport_LedgerConciliation” → newReport()

there is a different calculations are happenning for Group By Total oprion.

Thanks for your reply,