Issue with periodic journal

In the General Journal when I try to retrieve using Periodic journal , I see the records are inserted in LedgerJournalTrans table but they are not being displayed in the form(LedgerJournalTransDaily)

Could anyone pls help me on this ?

I believe when you create for periodic journal, at that time only ledgerjournaltrans gets updated as a journal is created of type Periodic. I think in your case, when you are retrieving periodic journal then lines are not getting created.

I will suggest here to check the To Date field while you are retrieving periodic journal. Also, check the last date on periodic journal. I guess somehow there’s something to do with periodic journal setup which you created.


Even when I retrieve, records are inserted in LedgerJournalTrans table but not getting displayed in the form (ledgerjournaltransdaily)

Any help on this ?