issue with invoice posting

We are going through one problem , we are using one item model group for which picking list is mandatory.As this item model group is attached with one item , so when we are creating a salesorder and try to post invoice directly (without picklist), system does not allow me to post invoice directly , which is correct.

Now we want this validation for certain salesorder and bypass for certain sales order (for example - for customer group - abc). We have found the place of validation of this , but not sure how this bypassing of validation will impact in system.

Any pointer regarding this will be highly appreciable.


Hi …

Just for your info really … doesn’t directly answer your question, but its worth a post.

Even though the item model group is set for picking requirements, you can bypass this (or short cut the process) if you wish using standard functionality.

Normally you would create / print a pick not, then go through the picking list registration process etc …

‘IF’ you wanted to miss out the creation / printing of the picking note and picking list registration process, then on the sales order line > Update line > Process > Pick

Then ‘Add picking list update’ > then ‘Register all’ , status changes to picked, thereafter a delivery note / invoice can be raised.

You may already know this, but it may just be of help and possible reduce your development requirements