issue with * further filter

hi everyone,

On page Shipping Dashboard (50377) we are able to search for a Tracking No.
DPD uses two types of tracking numbers (14 digits or 14digits + proof digit). Sometimes we don’t know the proof digit and then it is not possible to filter for the tracking number without using *. The user mostly don’t know that they need to use *.

Complete tracking number: 015480191944997
Search for 01548019194499 does not work.
Search for 01548019194499* or 015480191944997 does work.

my goal is automatically use a filter for the field Tracking Number so that search for “01548019” finds all numbers which starts with that string. This applies to all other filters on this page: Customer No., Document No., Invoice No.

can someone help me and tell me how i can apply it in Code?
would be very helpfull.
Thank you all in advance


just needed one line of code.
on the Package header archive :

L_PackageHeader.SETFILTER(L_PackageHeader.“Tracking Number”,’%1’,‘01548019*’);

thank you anyway.