Issue with calling Outlook

I have a procedure which is calling the codeunit Mail to send a report in HTML format from a Navision Financials 2.60. It works fine with some machines and doesn’t send any email on others. Sometimes, it gives the error pointing to the ELSE statement in the code below: ---------------------------------------- IF OpenDialog THEN MAPIMessages.Action(2) // SendDialog ELSE MAPIMessages.Action(3); // Send ---------------------------------------- Can anyone point out the issue here? Also, can anyone inform me what the Action(2) and (3) methods are supposed to do? Thanks in advance

Hi Charan, One of the Mapi actions tries to send the e-mail automatically. The other keeps the mail open on screen until send is pressed. Can’t remember which is which though!!! You need to be aware of a couple of things though. 1) Outlook will be totally locked until the e-mail is sent. 2) Later versions of outlook have security that will try to stop external programs like Navision sending mails automatically. HTH Regards Simon