Issue with Alternate ItemId


While creating the sales line for sales order. while selecting the Item Number…it is asking to replacing with alternate Item Id

as shown in below.


Example:Ihave taken ItemId “CNW123P-P8” and while saving it is asking to replace with alternative item id “P940P-EP8”.

after updating with alternate Id still it is not enabled the product dimensions fields Like SIZE, Color.

And still it is asking for site and warehouse must be filed in. both Items product Dimensions group is different.

Kindly suggest is it standard functionality or a bug… for which items size and color will be enabled and for which items site warehouse will be enabled.

Adding to the above.If I select the item “P940P-EP8” directly(not as alternative) it is enabling the fields Size and color and disabling the fields site and warehouse …

adding to the above for the two items product dimensions are different…

Have you specified the alternative color/size/config while configuring the alternative item Id? They are mandatory. They will becopied on to sales line along with alternative item id. But i don’t see that in your image.

Hi Kranthi,
I have specified only color and size for alternative Itemid, but size and color fields not enabled to select them in sales line.

kindly suggest what could be the reason for these fields are disabled?

Can you post screen shots of alternative item setups for CNW123P-P8 and screen shot of dimension after replacing the sales line item with alternative item (after clicking OK)?

Hi Kranthi,

When I add the color and style for alter Item Id those details are populated in the sales line.

Thanks once again