Issue while creating sales line

While adding new line to sales order by using ADDLINES button, it is populating the default product name name as below.


My client doesn’t want to populate this product name by default it should populate only after item selection.

I could not find any customization done to this.If any knows Please assist where can I check this customization.



If you are adding lines by using Addlines, then you should be having an item id. Is it Addlines or AddLine?
The product name is a display method and will be showing the value related to the selected itemId.
Have a look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesLine\Methods\itemName

Hi Kranthi,

It is Add line not add lines.

It is showing the product name even before selecting Item .as you can see in the above screen shot.

I have checked the above suggested method and there is customization done to this.


sorry there is no customization done.

That is non-standard, as standard it is indeed blank.
Does it happen to all users?
Does it happen on all machines?
Does it happen on all orders?

If it is everyone, everywhere I would suggest there is either

  1. A customisation (I know you said there is not but frequently this eventually turns out not to be true!)
  2. It is data related and you have “somehow” created a released product with the item id blank linked to a product. You cannot do this as standard but I would imagine corrupt data could cause it.

Try debugging that method.(It could be a data issue)

Since I have no access to 2012, can u send the screenshot of itemName method. We can make some changes there !