Issue using trade aggrement

Hi all, i would like to setup a price for a group of items and a group of customer . However the system gives me an issue " Illegal combination of relation and item code" . I dont understand why? Do i missing something in parameters? All my my prices are activated already. any clue? tks

It sounds like that the value of the item group isn’t correct. Please verify it.

I believe a price can only beset for a specific item not for a group of items.

I guess the logic behind that s that each item is unique and so it would not make sense to set up price for a group of different items

Yes, I think you have a point. I think you can set a discount for an item group but not a price.

Hi, taty!

You can set up possible price/discount combinations in Sales and marketing/Setup/Prices and discounts/Activate price/discount

Tks for the feedback . However, iin our reality , we have several items that are part of the same group . we do need to group them and assign the same price for sa group of customers . So how can we manage it if we dont use the group? Do I have to create a price for each item?

Hi, tks for the feedback.
i dont get it. in our reality it happens to have several items that has a same unique price
so what can we handel that?

I think the case where you have items that are identical enough to always have exactly the same price is to create a product master, and create the different items as variants of that product master.

This is done when you have the same items in different colours, which is the main case I can think about of items ALWAYS having the same price.

Thanks Zvira for the feedback. I understand your point but what is the purpose of having that functionality then?